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We start by asking dozens of questions so we can understand how you plan to use your new space or what you want to achieve in renovating your entire home, renovating just one room,  adding a room addition or building a new home.


This may seem like common sense but many contractors are only interested in quick and easy solutions that produce ordinary results that may leave you wondering if it was worth the money and time.


We invite you to review our design process so you gain a full understanding of the care, creativity and detail we put into every design build project.


Our planning process includes:


The existing layout of your home

Local zoning and building code requirements

How you plan to use the space

The most important things you want to achieve

Practical and functional considerations

Product and material specifications

Selection of cabinets, hardware, plumbing fixtures and more

Lighting design and requirements

Evaluation of optional materials and the impact on your budget


There are many, many options to consider in designing an addition, a new home or in planning a whole house renovation and we will use our experience to let you know where to spend and where to conserve so you can achieve the look and functionality you want.


How Do I Know What to Spend on an

Addition or a Whole House Renovation or a New Home?


Price is certainly a factor you need to consider but if it is the primary factor you are likely to make a decision you will regret.


In comparing proposals the hardest thing to do is to make an apples-to-apples comparison.


Unfortunately, many remodeling contractors will use sweeping generalities to describe parts of your project. This will leave them with plenty of wiggle room to increase the final price.


Please don’t accept a price that is 15% below other bids because you won’t be getting the same materials, installation methods or warranty.


If you accept that bid, be prepared to also accept lower quality or an increase in price after the demolition is complete and there is little chance to fire the contractor even if they demand more money.


The design build and home remodeling industry in Georgia is very competitive and we thank you for the opportunity to earn your respect and then your business.


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